Rachel Shultz Laboratoire proudly announces the launch of PREP!
Four luxurious and highly effective skin care products, specifically formulated to address the ever changing needs of today’s modern, active and life-style conscious women.

PREP is a unique, professional and proudly Canadian collection, formulated to make you feel young at heart and glow with radiant perfection. After extensive market research, Rachel Shultz Laboratoire created natural, yet effective skin care solutions with their primary purpose to prepare the skin in the morning, before makeup application and in the evening. Four innovative products that when used together, are magical!   You’re sure to be delighted with profound hydration and that dewy, plumped complexion you’ve always dreamed of. Paraben-free, not tested on animals and 100% Vegan, RS Laboratoire offers clean-beauty in products that women can feel confident using and incorporating into their daily routine.