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Our Story

I'm Rachel, the Founder and CEO of Rachel Shultz Cosmétiques. Thank you for being a part of this next chapter of our journey as we work to create a VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE line that makes women feel fabulous merely by enhancing their features. Building a team of makeup artists who share my beliefs has played a significant role in where we are today. Sustaining a clientele through long-term relationships has always been and continues to be a priority to me. I am so lucky to have had so much support from friends, family and faithful clients over the years.

Photo of Rachel Shultz

Rachel Shultz

Rachel has always believed, when a woman feels beautiful she is confident, bold and able to conquer the world. Empowering women with something as simple as bright red lips and natural skin immediately caught her attention. When Rachel was 16 she began her cosmetic career at one of Montreal’s most prestigious spas. Trained by numerous renowned makeup artists, her reputation began to build along with her passion for cosmetics. It was the realization that a 5 minute “touch up” can turn someone’s day around, simply by adding color and glow to their skin. Rachel has worked for numerous cosmetic companies specializing in photo-shoots, editorial covers, television, weddings and bridal shows year after year, as well as finding time to teach aspiring makeup artists. In 2014, supported by close friends and family, Rachel started her own cosmetic company with the goal of establishing a creative team and a modern product line: Rachel Shultz Cosmetiques.

Photo of Dafne Ohayan

Dafne Ohayan

Dafne fell in love with makeup at a young age. Inspired by her mother’s successful profession as a makeup artist and teacher, along with her access to endless products and testers, it was inevitable that her interest would turn into a thriving career. For over 6 years, Dafne has been working as a professional makeup artist and is thrilled to have a career that is centered around making women feel good. Dafne values her lasting relationships with her clients, as there is nothing more rewarding than being a part of the special moments in their lives.

Photo of Leslie Rita Meyers

Leslie Rita Meyers

Since the beginning of her working career, Leslie has devoted herself to the makeup industry in Montreal, with a passion for art and beauty. Specializing in bridal makeup since 2008, Leslie has developed a loyal clientele and has segued into editorial and cover shoots. Leslie’s clientele continues to return for her vision and talent in makeup, as well as her enjoyable down-to-earth personality, making her a leading makeup artist in Montreal.

Photo of Omar Badawi

Omar Badawi

Omar grew up between three different countries and although his surroundings always changed, his appreciation and fascination with beauty and glamour never did. Omar was always a decorated academic even going so far as to graduate valedictorian with a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Concordia university. Despite this success, he felt the creative side within him was neglected and his passion for beauty was never truly realized. This all changed after meeting the Rachel Schultz Cosmetiques team, enrolling in and finally graduating from our makeup school. Omar is devoted to making women feel and look beautiful from the inside out and is a strong believer that anything is possible with dedication and laughter.

Photo of Tali Friedman

Tali Friedman

Tali is currently completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Western University with honours specialization in Visual Arts. For as long as she can remember, Tali was drawn to the arts and everything that it encompassed. Whether it was drawing, painting, photography, videography or design, Tali found her passion in the creative process. At the age of 13, she started facepainting at events and festivals around Montreal. In highschool she began to explore graphic design as a career path and built her portfolio through freelance work. It comes as no surprise that her journey as an artist led her to the beauty industry. Tali is currently interning for Rachel Shultz as a graphic designer and works on social media and content creation. During her time at RSC, Tali enrolled in our makeup school and now works part time as a makeup artist.

Photo of Lia Davidson

Lia Davidson

Lia, from a young age, felt passionate towards fashion and makeup and knew that she wanted to master the world of art. She was introduced to Rachel Shultz Cosmétiques at the age of fourteen years old. Since then, the doors have continuously opened up for her. She aspired to be a part of the RS family and at the age of sixteen years old, decided to attend Rachel Shultz Cosmétiques School of Makeup. She is extremely proud of what she has achieved at the age of seventeen years old as well as all the amazing opportunities she has encountered. Now, at the age of eighteen years old, she works in store at RS followed by at home services for weddings and events. The most satisfying thing for Lia is seeing a clients reaction with a touch of a makeup brush.

Photo of Sherri Bilal

Sherri Bilal

After years of traveling around the world, Sherri and her family decided to pick up and move from their home in Pakistan to permanently reside in Canada. Sherri was instantly noticed by a friend in the spa industry for her natural hand in makeup, and she was encouraged to take courses to certify her career as a makeup artist. After three years at high-end spas and free-lance makeup and eyebrow shaping in Montreal, Sherri has built a diverse range of multi-cultural clients with specialties in Arab and South Asian makeup. With her extensive experience in the bridal and fashion makeup industry, Sherri is now sharing her talents with the Rachel Shultz Cosmetics team!