Our Story

YOU are fabulous. We're here to help bring that out. Rachel Shultz Cosmétiques is a luxury cosmetic company based out of Montreal, Quebec. With over 12 years in the industry Rachel has worked extremely hard to create  a  cruelty free line made with minimal, yet active ingredients! Building a team of makeup artists who share the company's vision plays a significant role in where we are today. Sustaining a clientele through long-term relationships has always been and continues to be a priority for RSC. We are so lucky to  have had so much support from friends, family and loyal clients over the years.

Photo of Rachel Shultz

Rachel Shultz


Rachel Shultz believes that when women feel beautiful they exude confidence, strength and are, therefore, able to conquer the world! Her passion for makeup started when she was 16 years old -- and blossomed from her ability to empower women, with something as simple as a “bold lip” or “natural look”. Throughout the years as a makeup artist, Rachel built her clientele by establishing loyal and long-term relationships, based on trust with her unique, personalized and consultative approach to help clients achieve their very best look, every day. In 2015, Rachel founded her cosmetic brand, Rachel Shultz Cosmetics.