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Our Story

YOU are fabulous. We're here to help bring that out. Rachel Shultz Cosmétiques is a luxury cosmetic company based out of Montreal, Quebec. With over 12 years in the industry Rachel has worked extremely hard to create  a  cruelty free line made with minimal, yet active ingredients! Building a team of makeup artists who share the company's vision plays a significant role in where we are today. Sustaining a clientele through long-term relationships has always been and continues to be a priority for RSC. We are so lucky to  have had so much support from friends, family and loyal clients over the years.

Photo of Rachel Shultz

Rachel Shultz

When a woman feels beautiful she is confident, strong and able to conquer the world. Empowering women with something as simple as a bold lip and natural skin immediately caught Rachel’s attention. Beginning her cosmetic career at the age of 16, gaining clients trust through touch ups and sales; Rachel fell more in love with makeup and business each and every day. With a Bachelors in psychology, Rachel looks to connect with people on a personal level and has grown close to her clients over the years. Building new friendships and constant relationships with thousands of women. Rachel started her own cosmetic company with the goal of establishing a creative team and a modern product line: Rachel Shultz Cosmetiques. Excited to have expanded to Toronto in 2019.

Photo of Erica Shultz

Erica Shultz

We are so proud to announce Erica as the new store director of Rachel Shultz Cosmétiques!! Taking the role of working behind the scenes and in store with our makeup artists as well as clients to make sure everyone is happy and taken care of at all times. Erica is the glue that holds the team together. It is her role to constantly find innovative ways to bring RSC to the next level in order to best satisfy our values clients and remain ahead!

Photo of Dafne Ohayon

Dafne Ohayon

Dafne is not only a makeup artist, but the store manager and wedding consultant! If you have questions, she is your person. Inspired by her mother’s successful profession as a makeup artist and teacher, along with her access to endless products and testers, it was inevitable that her interest would turn into a thriving career. For over 6 years, Dafne has been working as a professional makeup artist and is thrilled to have a career that is centered around making women feel good. Dafne values her lasting relationships with her clients, as there is nothing more rewarding than being a part of the special moments in their lives.

Photo of Jenny Volovnik

Jenny Volovnik

Jenny has been mastering the world of art for over 20 years and recently joined the team at Rachel Shultz Cosmétiques! Jenny has been making women look and feel beautiful since she was 15 years old. Her talent is exceptional and clients travel from near and far to have the honour of sitting in her chair. Jenny is also a specialist in eyelash extensions, eyebrows, and spray tans! Makeup is 2nd nature to Jenny, and a significant part of the person she is. She is proud of the clientele she has built over the years and welcomes them to our store with open arms.

Photo of Omar Badawi

Omar Badawi

Omar grew up between three different countries and although his surroundings always changed, his appreciation and fascination with beauty and glamour never did. Omar was always a decorated academic even going so far as to graduate valedictorian with a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Concordia university. Despite this success, he felt the creative side within him was neglected and his passion for beauty was never truly realized. This all changed after meeting the Rachel Schultz Cosmetiques team, enrolling in and finally graduating from our makeup school. Omar is devoted to making women feel and look beautiful from the inside out and is a strong believer that anything is possible with dedication and laughter.

Photo of Tara Gold

Tara Gold

Tara Gold has been doing makeup professionally for over five years and chose to join the Rachel Shultz Cosmétiques team! She has been amazing at makeup since the age of 9, and her persistence to become a true artist escaleted from there. Growing up she would buy the newest palettes, play with all the colors and get creative immediately as an after school activity! Tara believes that every makeup application is unique and relates to an individual's personality. Most importantly, she find's happiness in seeing a big smile on her clients’ face. With or without makeup everyone is beautiful inside and out :)

Photo of Riva Rose

Riva Rose

Hello Toronto!!! Riva began working for Rachel Shultz Cosmétiques in 2015 on the side of her acting career! Starting off as Rachel’s assistant and the company’s administrative/social media coordinator. In 2016, Riva officially graduated makeup school in Montreal and has been working with Rachel ever since! Riva loves getting to know her clients on a person level, and shares our belief in bringing out one's natural beauty. Getting to be a part of the cleint's special occasion is what she looks forward to most. Riva will always make sure to have you leaving her chair feeling confident with how you look and feel. Presently, Riva is residing in Toronto and accepts clients in the GTA. Her creative spirit and passion for makeup will always come through in her work!

Photo of Maryam Ashkenani

Maryam Ashkenani

From a hotel & restaurant manager to becoming a makeup artist... Maryam finally found herself! Passionate about the beauty industry from the a young age she finally took a leap in a new direction in order to follow her dreams. Taking private lessons at Rachel Shultz Cosmétiques and acquiring a government certification last September, opened numerous doors! Proving herself to all the teachers through immense dedication each and every class. Her personality, talent and love for makeup never goes unnoticed from our clients.

Photo of Leslie Rita Meyers

Leslie Rita Meyers

PRESENTLY ON MAT LEAVE Since the beginning of her working career, Leslie has devoted herself to the makeup industry in Montreal, with a passion for art and beauty. Specializing in bridal makeup since 2008, Leslie has developed a loyal clientele and has segued into editorial and cover shoots. Leslie’s clientele continues to return for her vision and talent in makeup, as well as her enjoyable down-to-earth personality, making her a leading makeup artist in Montreal.